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Thinking Game for Preschoolers

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15 days

Project Idea

Learners will design an elegant thinking game which is entertaining for the preschool kids. That game can be embedded in paper, wood or a material of their choice. Their design and the product will answer the following questions – How can we design a cost effective, simple and elegant game which makes preschoolers think while simultaneously keeping them entertained and engaged? To answer the question the learner has to interact with preschool kids to better understand what preschool children like and are their learning needs. Then they need to brainstorm with peers, facilitators and experts to come up with an idea. They have to make a prototype of the product and get feedback from the preschool learners. They should try to contact at least two experts who are working on the field and get their feedback too.

After the completion of the prototype, they need to design the instruction manual, packing and presentation. Every learner has to present their final product to the preschool children. Finally do the demo in front of the preschool parents and facilitators.

21st Century Skills covered

Planning, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Risk Taking, Problem solving

Contents addressed
  1. Measurement of area, solving word problems involving the area/ perimeter of squares and rectangles, multiplication and division of whole numbers, shapes.
Scientific thinking
  1. Observing animal body parts, the three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) in terms of shape and volume.
  1. Explain process or present information, ensuring that items are clearly sequenced, relevant details are included.