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Student Project

Dream Vacation

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12 days

Project Idea

Using a budget (Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 200,000), learners create their family dream vacation plan. They need to accommodate all their family members in the vacation plan. They can also take relatives, as long as they stay on budget. The vacation destination can be within India or abroad. They can visit more than one place during their vacation. This project will require them to do internet research on destinations, allocate resources, calculate the cost of the trip, convert currencies and learn the geography and climate of the new area.

The end product will be a detailed travel-planner cum brochure about their trip with all the information and details necessary for carrying out a successful trip. Other learners and parents will be looking at these to choose their favourite dream vacation during the final event.

21st Century Skills covered

Planning, Budgeting, Communication, Critical-thinking

Contents addressed
  1. Multiplication and division of whole numbers, percentages, negative whole numbers, equivalent fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers, decimal fractions to hundredths or beyond, ratios.

  2. Presenting information in graphs – searching for, gathering, storing and presenting data.

  3. Classification and organization of data through graphs, tables, and charts.

  4. Concept & computation of range and mean in a set of data.

  1. Offer reasons and evidence for their views, considering alternative opinions.

  2. Plan and present information and ideas for a variety of purposes

  3. Use knowledge of different organizational features of texts to find information effectively.

  4. Construct and implement effective search strategies, obtain credible information using appropriate methods.

  5. Produce media texts for specific purposes and audiences, using a few simple media forms and appropriate conventions and techniques


Understanding seasons, climate, local geography of the destination